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Our UGS Global Network

Offices and Branches
United Global Services (NY) Corp. 

Our Offices

North America Headquarters:

United Global Services (NY) Corp.

441 Franklin Avenue,

Franklin Square, NY 11010

Tel:  516-256-0808

Fax: 516-256-3088

Contact: Sid Rosario


Related Entity

UGS Global Logistics, Inc. is a related entity of United Global Services (NY) Corp., see offices below:

Los Angeles office:

UGS Global Logistics Inc.

13200 Crossroads Parkway North,

Suite 230

City of Industry, CA 91746

Tel: 626-539-UGSL (8475)

Contact: Joe Lo



UGS Global Logistics Ltd. acts as an agent of United Global Services (NY) Corp, see offices below:

Shenzhen office:

UGS Global Logistics Ltd.

Room 1388,Lushan Building A, Chunfeng Road, LuoHu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518005

Tel:  0755-22980676

Fax: 0755-22980727

Contact: Lydia Wang


Shanghai office:

UGS Global Logistics Ltd.

Room 906, North Building#B, Hopson Fortune Plaza, No.839 Dalian Road, HongKou District, Shanghai, China

Tel: 021-61488392

Fax- 021-61488581

Contact: Celine Cai


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