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What does UGS DO?

UGS is a full service Freight Forwarder/NVOCC, specializing in Air, Ocean, Trucking and Customs Brokerage.

What is customs brokerage?

A licensed Customs broker helps importers and exporters meet federal requirements for international shipments. Duties of a broker include advising clients on proper import-export procedures and transacting Customs business on their behalf.

How do I know what method of shipping best suits me?

Multiple factors come in to play when deciding what method of freight best suits your needs. Air freight is beneficial when the shipment is needed fast, while ocean is best for non-time sensitive larger shipments. Shipment size also plays a role. The cost of air freight can rise fast as the shipment gets large. If you’re still unsure, we are happy to give you estimated delivery dates, but please keep in mind, international freight shipping is complex, and many things can happen outside of a forwarders control.

What is air freight?

Air freight is a method of shipping where goods are transported from point of origin to point of destination VIA airlines, charter planes with either deferred or direct flights. Air cargo generally arrives in 1-5 days depending on the method chosen. Air cargo, like all other international shipping methods require custom clearance.

How do I calculate my shipping ratio and is it important?

With air freight a shipment ratio is important, this is used to calculate your costs. Dense cargo has a heavy weight and doesn’t take up too much space, whereas volumetric cargo takes up more space but is not as heavy as dense


  • Volume ratio is 1m3 = 167kgs

  • The basic formula for finding out your shipment ratio is 1m3 x 167 = chargeable weight 

  • The shipment will always be based on chargeable weight, if your cargo weights more than your volume, you will be charged based on this

How long does ocean freight take?

Ocean freight will always take longer than an air shipment, it takes longer for a boat to sail than it does a plane to fly. To figure out how long it will take your shipment to arrive there are a few variables. First would be where is your cargo sailing to and from. Shipping to United States west coast from china on average is 14-18 days, while the east coast can be 30-37 days depending on the location.

How can I determine the size container I will need?

Most manufacturers will let you know the total CBM, or size of container needed for ocean freight, but this is not always the case. Sometimes we need to calculate the total CBM needed, and this will determine the type of container needed. To calculate CBM of a shipment the formula is Length x Width x Height = meters cubed, once you have. M3 you will divide by 1000. Remember – we work in metric system.

What are the most used containers?

When it comes to sea freight, there are multiple types of containers, some specialized, some standard. 


  1. A 20’GP is the smallest container size available. This general-purpose container holds 33CBM

  2. A 40’GP can hold around 67.6 CBM

  3. A 40’HC is slightly larger than a 40’GP holding roughly 76 CBM

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